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Quartzite Countertops vs Granite, Which Wins your Countertop Battle?

For most homeowners, durability means how resistant to damage, like scratching, chipping and staining their natural stone countertops are. Although quartzite is harder than granite, the difference is not significant and we would not recommend cutting directly on either surface. Because quartzite is slightly harder it is also less likely to stain or etch, however, when granite is properly sealed, the difference becomes virtually imperceptible.

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Customer VS. Client With Modlich Stoneworks

Our team members, no matter how long they’ve been working here, go through regular training on best practices and company policies and initiatives. We want your experience to be nothing short of exceptional whether you’ve come in to look at our remnants for a small project or if you’re here to choose our most expensive granite for a kitchen makeover.

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Why Does Some Granite Cost More Than Other Granite?

A few factors can contribute to differences in pricing. First, every granite fabricator has different inventory and different costs. Some also carry different levels of granite meaning a base level at one company may be a mid-level granite elsewhere. Another difference may be whether the square foot cost includes installation, finishing or sealing, cutting and edges. Some natural stone fabricators have different levels of finishing or sealing and edging options and costs.

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