Carrara-Marble-KitchenCarrara Marble continues to be one of our top selling marble countertop options. The deep grey of the veining and the bright white of the marble itself works with so many different décors that we’ve had clients who have bought the same Carrara marble a second time after moving into a new home. Recently we asked Kate, a Columbus area homeowner, why she chose this again after moving into a new home and it turned into a rather interesting conversation. I asked her permission to take notes and she agreed so here are a few highlights from our conversation:
Modlich Stoneworks: Why did you choose the same marble again? Didn’t you want something different in your new home?
Kate: What I initially loved about these marble countertops was the beauty of the veining and how it pops from the white. After living with it in our previous home I grew to love how I could put many colors on or against my countertops to decorate and every color looked beautiful with it so I really wanted to go with the Carrara marble in our kitchen again.
MS: What about staining and scratching? Many homeowners are afraid of marble countertops in their kitchen because they perceive it as easily stained or scratched.
Kate: Honestly yes, we were very afraid the first few months and I was always wiping up everything the second it spilled. We knew that they were sealed but still very concerned about ruining them. What we found over the many years of having them is that if there was a stain that we could fairly easily get it up with a paste of water and baking soda left on it overnight. And when that didn’t completely eliminate it we noticed that over time the stain faded.
MS: What about etching or scratches? Did you have many of those?
Kate: Yes, the kids sometimes would cut without a cutting board and we had some etching that I suspect were a result of our love for fresh squeezed lemonade in the summer and lemon juice sitting on the counter for a while but because of the pattern of the Carrara marble it doesn’t really show.
MS: So you’re back at Modlich Stoneworks working with us again on your new marble countertops for your kitchen, have you ever chosen any other stone?
Kate: We have had granite bathroom countertops and in this house are going to have one of your team members come out and make some recommendations about our fireplace that is in need of a refresh.
I want to thank Kate for her allowing us to use her words in our blog. We hope that her story has been helpful to you if you are considering marble for any project in your home and that you will consider using Modlich Stoneworks for your home remodeling project in the Columbus area. Feel free to come by our showroom at 2255 Harper Road or give us a call to discuss your needs – 614-859-6596.