Every room has a focal wall or place that they eye will go to when someone walks by or looks in. For some rooms it is a fireplace, for others it’s a recessed alcove and for some it’s the entire wall at the end of a room. Using natural stone on your accent wall can be a dramatic way to draw the eye.

Fireplace Focus

When your fireplace is your focal point, natural stone is an easy and smart choice. Many homeowners are moving away from brick and using marble or granite instead. One benefit of either of these is that you can choose one of these as the surround the fireplace on the wall, as the hearth and even as the mantle to truly creating a visual masterpiece around something that already draws the eye. An additional benefit is how easy it is to clean and maintain. Both granite and marble are smooth so even when there is a spill it’s much easier to clean up than brick or tile.

Accent Area

marble accentIf you have a room you’re trying to dress up where there is a recessed nook or where the wall space is limited because of an opening to another room or the outside, consider adding natural stone. A similar design trend started in the 80’s with one wall painted in a highly contrasted color or wallpapered. As the cost of marble and granite have come down in recent years, using one of these as the accent wall is no longer a financially impossible proposition for the average homeowner. By choosing the right slab with a pattern that adds to the room, natural stone can dramatically draw the eye.

Remarkable Risers

If your home has a dramatic staircase or you just want to make it appear that way, consider adding granite or marble to the front of the risers on your steps. Marble has been used for stairs for centuries around the world but only recently have these stones been used as décor on staircases in people’s homes. We’ve all had to repaint the riser on stairs because they get easily scuffed by dark soled shoes but what if cleaning the riser was as easy as wiping your counter? In addition to no more repainting, the color options are nearly limitless and you can draw the eye with many different patterns.

It’s easy to consider granite countertops or marble backsplashes but using natural stone from your Columbus stone fabricator Modlich Stoneworks in other places in your home is a great way to create unique spaces with dramatic focal points. Our team is ready to help you with your decorating needs, call (614) 859-6596 today to schedule an appointment or stop in our Columbus showroom at 2255 Harper Road. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!