Retail-MarbleAccording to the SBA, small businesses occupy nearly 50% of all retail space in the US. As a small business owner, how do you make sure that your retail space or office stands out and presents as professional and inviting?
Of course we all know that the first impression is often from the outside. When your potential clients drive up to your business, it needs to be clear who you are and it needs to be inviting so that they do come in. But upon entering, how do you get people to browse, buy and become your customer or client?
The big box stores and national brands spend thousands of dollars every year on researching consumer behavior and figuring out how to arrange the store in a manner that makes them the most money. One of the latest trends to emerge is what is called the “decompression zone.” Have you noticed when you walk into many retail establishments that there is a table, desk or other display station that is usually about five feet inside the door that sets the tone for the offerings of the establishment? The table or counter alone will send a message of the retail scale of the business. If you are looking to relay a posh, modern feel, consider a marble countertop or tabletop. If you’re looking for something a bit more rustic and dark, a nice travertine counter or tabletop can reflect that. With many colors and patterns in natural stone, the options are nearly limitless for your “decompression zone” message.
If you’re a small business that offers a service rather than products, then your reception desk is the first impression people have upon entering your business. There are many lovely granite desktops that can portray a warm and inviting atmosphere just by color and pattern alone. For example if you offer financial services, consider choosing a natural stone with a yellow or gold tone like the Normandy granite as yellow is associated with warmth and wealth. What better way than through sending the subconscious message that your business is going to help them be wealthy than through color!
No matter the look you are trying to convey, natural stone has other advantages. It lasts far longer than wood because it is more durable and resists staining and scratching. It is also easy to clean. As you are planning your small business space, speak with one of the team members at your local natural stone installers about your needs. If you’re in the Columbus, Cincinnati or Dayton areas and need a granite desktop, marble countertop or have any other natural stone needs, contact Modlich Stoneworks and we’ll be happy to assist you.