Replacing your Bathroom Vanity Tops, an Upgrade that Looks Like a Makeover

Your bathroom is a room in your home that is used every day and is subject to a lot of wear and tear. If yours includes laminate bathroom vanity tops, they may be showing their age in just a short amount of time. Laminate countertops, although inexpensive don’t typically stand up well against water and humidity that the bathroom is exposed to on an average day. Another drawback of laminate is that the colors and styles often installed are picked based on the popular or trendy colors of when the house was built, which can end up making your home look dated.

Granite Bath - 180 x 180Natural stone countertops are a cost effective way to update your bathroom. Not only does natural stone have a timeless look, but should last the entire time you live in your home and beyond. With new granite or quartz countertops and a fresh coat of paint, you can enjoy a bathroom makeover without a lot of effort or expense.

Getting the most for your money

There are several ways to stretch your remodeling dollar when it comes to replacing your current countertops with natural stone. Consider first what you are planning. Are you going to replace all your bathroom vanity tops or just one? Would you be ok with the same color pattern in all your bathrooms if you are planning to replace all of them?

These questions are important because if you are considering just your guest bathroom for example, you may need only a small piece and can take advantage of a remnant piece at Modlich Stoneworks. Though not always available, and often limited in their style and application, remnant pieces can often be offered at a considerable discount to our customers. Another approach to consider is upgrading all your bathroom counter tops at the same time and with the same pattern, therefore utilizing as much of one slab as possible. This can help keep your per linear foot down because a full slab price is always less than several partial slab prices. It has become increasingly common for Modlich Stoneworks’ customers to take advantage of remaining granite, marble or quartz countertop materials to update different areas throughout their home, including the kitchen, home office or patio.

For relatively little expense, updating your bathroom vanity in Columbus is a great way to update one of the most used rooms in your home. And creating a new style for your bath area is generally a rapid process.  In fact, many homeowners can get a new coat of paint on the walls and new countertop installed in just one day. Consider new natural stone countertops as a way to upgrade and enhance one of the rooms in your home that you use every day. Our team will come out and professionally measure and advise you on the best options, just give us a call to set up a time or fill out our online contact us form and one of our team members will contact you.