Gray Granite

Gray Granite Countertop

Perhaps you remember the trend for pink bathroom with the pink tile, pink tub, pink toilet, and too much pink. Thankfully, today’s hottest color trend isn’t likely to stand out like those pink bathrooms of the 60’s & 70’s do today. Today’s new trend is gray; the latest go to neutral tone for decorators.


Gray is popular because any color can be added without clashing. Take for instance new granite kitchen countertops. If you choose a gray based granite like Bianco Antico, you can choose a backsplash tile in any color and your gray base will take on the hue of the accent tile. If you want a room with granite countertops to be warm and inviting and have chosen a granite with gray in it consider painting the walls a purple or pale green color. If you’re looking for a backsplash tile to pop in the room, go for bold contrast in red or deep blue and even though there is much more square footage of countertop, it will take a back seat to your bold tile.



Much like brown neutrals, gray has many shades from the darkest of black grays to those that have more subtle color hues in them which makes it an ideal base to work with for your redecorating. If you are starting your redecorating with new granite kitchen countertops, there are two primary ways to select your color pallet as suggested by interior designer Annette Gabrelcik. First is to start with the slab of granite that you love and build your pallet around that. If you pick something like bianco romano which tends to have a purple hue to its veining, then you may want to lean toward a purple based grey wall and tile color. If, however, you already have the walls painted and you’re just selecting a new granite countertop, then you want to pick your pattern and slab so that the tone on the wall is complimented by the new granite countertops.

Most people don’t think of gray as a beautiful color because it really isn’t a color in a traditional sense but in its simplicity and ability to be paired with any color, it is a great choice and a great trend that is sure to last for years to come. If you’d like some guidance selecting your new granite countertops for your kitchen or bath, let the team at Modlich Stoneworks in Columbus help, just give us a call at (614) 859-6596 or stop by our showroom at 2255 Harper Rd. Columbus, Ohio. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!